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Grandmother clocks

We sell a range of beautiful classic and heritage grandmother clocks hand-built by skilled craftsmen.

A grandmother clock is normally classified as a longcase clock with a height between 5' (1.5m) and 6' (1.8m). They are often scaled-down copies of larger longcase clocks which are ideal for modern homes with lower ceilings.

Our grandmother clock range

We stock a large range of grandmother clocks in our Exeter showroom – a single example is shown below.

We provide specialist advice, insurance estimates, after-sales service and grandmother clock delivery to anywhere within the UK. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

The Milden Grandmother Clockview

The Milden Grandmother Clock


The Milden is a triple-chime grandmother clock with solid oak break arch case with diamond motif panel to the plinth. The clock is hand-built by Comitti of London and is provided with a certificate of authenticity.

  • choice of antique brass finish dial or hand painted dial
  • triple-chime 8-day cable movement with silencer
  • automatic night silencer
  • chime sequence and beat correction
  • adjustable feet and detachable hood for access to the movement

Height: 73"/185cm x Width: 17"/43cm x Depth: 10"/25cm